Sandro Manke

Turning XML into Stacktraces since 1999


Berlin, Germany


What I am all about.

double-dad, software magic, security conscious, sun wukong, behavioral study of clouds in the sun

in former life
founder and ceo of all hail the hypnocode, photographer, traveler


Batman would be jealous.

Distributed Systems

This is where I grew up as a professional programmer. How things communicate has always been my favorite topic and inspiration here comes from all areas. It's simply fun to do this well.



It has always been about data. Be it in the past with 3D Engines having different optimizations, but similar problems. Sometimes a lot, when you consider CUDA here. But its not just about speed.


Mobile / Web / Frontend

Having also wandered into the Art School in Dresden, there was no way around not also getting my hands dirty with frontends. It has been fun, not something I need to do much anymore, but it helps me a lot in other endeavors.


Embedded / IoT

It's a fun market. Those little things, that have hardly any power and you still need to save energy. But again, connecting them is where the fun is for me. Who wants the single master node, where your home can be hacked? Scary.



Having done all kinds of things helps a lot. Finding the right tools and evolvable architectures to solve problems efficiently and maintainable is my key focus. It's fun. You can make me use UML, but I think, we can find better ways to communicate.


Security & Privacy

Who wouldn't want that! Freedom is good and all that, but you know the drill.


Those pesky little things.

Where was my swatter...






















common sense

Even more buzzwords

AWS, Kubernetes, Block the chain, iOS, Android, embedded, 3D, Web x.0, Node.js, React.js, Mqtt, Security, Database Design, Agile, Kanban, Perl, Haskell, Rust, C#, php, Javascript, Lisp, Objective-C, Scrum, Lean, Design Patterns, UML, Xslt, Funge, TDD, BDD, git, hg, svn, cvs, gradle, maven, postgresql, oracle, firebird, mysql, mongodb, cassandra, dynamodb, redis, memcached, hibernate, jooq, zeromq, amqp, kafka, kinesis, gcloud, bluemix, microservices, services, spring, mvc, functional, opengl, elastic search, X86/Z80 asm, Clojure


Happy times!

"If you're looking for a curious mind that can puzzle through the most difficult issues with streaming data processing pipelines, or just core system infrastructure questions, then Sandro is for sure the person you want to talk to. As a freelancer his contributions allowed us to avoid several dangerous paths, and his contributions were so valuable we tried to convince him to join us full time!" , Jeff Katz - Entrepreneur, Technologist, Engineer

"Having Sandro on my team while building new IoT solutions at Telefonica was a lifesaver. No matter what the issue or language in question, he tackled the issue by coming up with clever solutions. The definition of a great engineer. He is the first to volunteer to learn new technological advancements and apply them to make efficient software that will scale." , Karen Nemeth - Bringing the World's Wonders to VR

"Having worked with Sandro for over 10 years now, I can say with certainty that he knows what he's doing. Proficient in a range of technologies, always up to date, he also knows when to use existing frameworks and when to write your own. You're guaranteed to get no-nonsense, rapid development and a clear vision. Look no further!" , Anatol Ulrich - Digital Wizard

"I's been an amazing experience to work with Sandro in the same team. He's a really proficient guy in the technical field, and also and easy going person always willing to help. He knows his stuff and how to proceed to do things right, with high quality standards. He's also not afraid to say how things can be improved in a positive way, leading the works to get there. I've found in him a highly valuable asset when it comes to bring software development projects to a success." , Mariano Navas - Scala guy, Blockchainer, FP junkie, nerdy by nature, Monads 4 everything

"I have been working together with Sandro at Geeny. During this time, I have come to appreciate him as both an individual as well as software architect. His pragmatic approach to problem solving and efficiency of finding solutions that just work is outstanding. He is well versed with a number of technologies and follows industry trends closely to keep his skills sharp and up-to-date. His leadership style and persona makes him a very valuable addition to any team. I would always recommend him for any projects he chooses, as I believe he will have a positive impact on both the culture and development speed of any team." , Marcelo Grebois - Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Daimler Mobility Services

"Sandro is a very dedicated and 110% motivated developer and architect with a big drive and work ethics. In a discussion with Sandro, you always can count on an intelligent, straight and well analysed reply as he has a wide technological understanding and great curiosity. I greatly enjoyed working with Sandro and I miss our discussions a lot, discussions that is always held in respect of other views. I highly recommend Sando, particularly in a role as Lead Developer or CTO, he is a invaluable asset to every team." , Göran Schumacher - Scala Developer

"Sandro is one of the best software developers that I know — passionate for code, talented and with a skill level that is rarely matched. I learned a lot from him. Highly recommend working with him!" , Felix Zappe - Senior Software Developer, Freelancer

"Sandro is the man if you need solid code and app-architecture. Thanks to his vast experience you'll get a solution which will also cover crucial edge-cases that you didn't think of yet. He's exceptionally fast, has a problem-solving mindset and can always come up with advise if you're stuck." , Philipp Eckert - Product Manager


2020/07 - now

DoiT International

Senior Cloud Architect

Berlin, Germany

AWS, GCP, K8S, Hybrid, MultiCloud, secure & private computing, helping from the general to the very specific hard problems of small to huge (at least in scale) companies, from reviews and preparation to fixing problems for production with little context quickly. It is very varied, fun, and challenging. :)

2021/04 - now

Porsche AG, Volkswagen AG

Senior Cloud Architect


helping many teams with their journey within the cloud and hybrid environments

2019/11 - 2021/04

Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange GmbH

Dev&Ops Consulting

Berlin, Germany

Kubernetes, Go, Observability, Security, Reliability, CI/CD, Infra as Code

2019/11 - 2021/01

LivingPackets AG

Cloud Architecture & Developer Productivity

Berlin, Germany

GCP, GKE, Architecture, Security, K8s, IoT, Observability, Infrastructure as Code, Go

2018/10 - 2019-10


Cloud Architect

Berlin, Germany

AWS, Kubernetes, Processes, Migration, CCoE, SaaS, Cost Optimization, Performance, Reliability, Observability, Security, etc...

2018/04 - 2018/09

OSRAM Innovation Hub GmbH

IoT Cloud Platform Software Architect

Berlin, Germany
Go, Docker, Azure, Kubernetes, Keycloak, Mqtt, Nodejs:(...

Architecture, IAM, IoT, Security

2017/11 - 2018/04

Solarisbank AG


Berlin, Germany
Go, Docker, AWS, OpenID, OAuth2, Cognito, Auth0, Hydra

Identity & Access Management, Proxy, Architecture & DevOps Topics

2016/05 - 2016/12, 2017/09 - 2018/03

Preh Car Connect, VW

Software & Solutions Architect

Go, C++, MQ, SQS, ALB, Nginx, OAuth2, HAProxy, Docker, GoCD, Kubernetes, AWS, Elastic Search, Kibana, Aurora, J2EE

Cloud & Embedded Navigation, Traffic, POI etc

2017/11 - 2018/02




Smart Host GmbH

Helping hand

Berlin, Germany
Google Cloud Platform, Java

2017/07 - 2017/10



Berlin, Germany




Berlin, Germany
Kafka, MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, NSQ, NATS, SQS, SNS, Kinesis

Message Architecture, pitfalls and opportunities.

2017/01 - 2017/07

Telefonica Next / Geeny

Architecture / Data Engineer

Berlin, Germany
Scala, Kinesis, Kafka, Akka, Go, Rust, Consul, Docker, Kotlin

Built up the data pipeline at first, but switched to the general architecture of the IoT Platform quickly after, as more data was necessary and someone needed to help make that a reality.

2016/03 - 2016/12



Berlin, Germany
Android, Java, Gradle, Node.js, React, iOS, Swift, Objective-C

Prototyped and delivered Advertizement SDK for mobile, web.

2016/01 - 2016/02

Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte


Berlin, Germany

Redesign of first API Prototype for Smart Applicances.

2013/02 - 2015/12


Technical Lead Mobile

Berlin, Germany
C++, iOS, Android, Java, Objective-C, OpenGL ES

Built up working cross platform C++ application from prototype to scale.

The early years

2005 - 2015


Germany, France, UK
Coaching, Apps, Backends, Games, Gaming Backends, Web stuff, POS Apps, AR, VR, Videostreaming, Realtime Trading, Warehousing, and other stuff

SEAT, Cisco, T-Systems, Siemens, Fidelity, SAP, Publicis, cmc markets, BMW, gkk, rmg, rms, Daimler Coca Cola, Avantgarde, Cominto, Demodern, Montblanc, Fork, ZDF, xfair, swipe, Harrods, ma design, sharif dg, cygnecode, MyTaxi, Kingart, Felder Gruppe, VISI/ONE, Smart Host … &the ones I forgot

2008 - 2011

Hypnocode GmbH

CEO, Founder, part time CTO

Dresden, Germany

15-20 nerds at a time

2001 - 2005

A+S Consult GmbH

cheap labour

Dresden, Germany
C/C++, 3D, Modeling, Retouching, Html, JS, PHP, stuff

Realtime and recording renderings of structures, streets, bridges to be built in landscapes for planning and approval processes.


2002 - 2005

HfbK Dresden

Art minor

Dresden, Germany

1999 - 2005


Master of Computer Science

Dresden, Germany

1993 - now


School of life